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There’s a D2 visa in Portugal, also called Immigrant Entrepreneur Visa, and it’s to grant residence authorization to foreigners who have conducted investment operations or who can demonstrate that they have financial resources in Portugal, including financing obtained from a Portuguese financial institution and who have the intention of conducting investment operations on Portuguese soil.

The real estate market in Portugal is expanding quickly. Property values are increasing because of a shift from older, more expensive construction methods to more modern, less efficient, but more desirable ones. 

Our econometric models show that the Portugal Residential House Price Index will average around 190.98 points in 2023 and 193.27 points in 2024.

Investing in a rental property in Portugal could be a wise choice. It is worthwhile to do so now, as there is greater demand for lodging than supply, especially in Lisbon and Porto. The high returns from tenants during the busy tourist season also make renting out property a good option.

This environment, which the conflict in Ukraine has exacerbated, is reflected in the pronounced increase in construction prices, causing a slowdown in industrial activity, a reduction in supply in the medium term, and a subsequent increase in the prices of already-built homes.